What are the benefits of using concrete fencing instead of another type of fencing?

      Sturdy and durable and will last for years

      Competetively priced

      Sound barrier

      Virtually maintenance free

      Provides excellent privacy

      Many colors and designs are available to complement any home style

How is the fence installed?

There is a concrete post every 5 feet. There is a groove in each side of the post and 1' high panels slide down into the grooves to the desired height.

How strong are the materials used to make your fences?

All concrete withstands 6000 PSI, and all posts and panels are steel reinforced.

How tall or short can the fence be?

Heights can be 1', 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', or 7' tall.

Can your fence be used as a retaining wall?

Yes, for up to 18 inches high, depending on the situation.

How does your fencing compare in price to a vinyl fence or a block wall?

It costs more than a vinyl fence, but much less than a block wall. Because our fencing is a modular construction, it can be repaired more easily than a block wall.

Do you have to come in with heavy equipment to install your fence?

No, we bring in our equipment with small carts and don't need heavy equipment to install our fencing.

Will it keep the stray pets out and my own pets in?

Yes, our fence has proven effective for most dogs and pets.

Does your fencing withstand wind?

Yes, it withstands wind very well.